Mauli Rituals Ayurvedic Facial Massage


The ultimate in sublime, healing and soothing Facials. Our Mauil Rituals Facial is traditional in it’s influence of Ayurvedic wisdom, incorporating the superior and luxurious Mauli Rituals Skincare Collection. This facial incorporates a double cleanse, rose and saffron exfoliating mask and follows with 45 minutes of pure indulgent Ayurvedic massage of the face, neck and head. A treatment to balance the Dosha’s, increase the free flow of prana (life force energy) and induce a deep sense of relaxation and calm. Ayurvedic facial massage is said to treat insomnia, headaches, stress and anxiety.

  • Aid lymph flow and reduce puffiness
  • Increase blood circulation to muscle tissue and cells
  • Hydrates and Illuminates Skin
  • Induces relaxation and a deeper sense of inner calm
  • Increases the free flow of prana and unblocks marma energy junction points
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