Hybrid Lash Extentions


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From May natural looking Hybrid Eyelash extensions will be available for bookings at Aquavie on Tuesdays-Fridays. One single extension and 2D  and 3D lash extensions are applied to one isolated natural eyelash. Ideal for clients with naturally full lashes, that want longer, darker, more curled lashes without having to use mascara and lash curlers. Or for those wishing to have a very natural look. Fullness varies based on density of the natural lashes. It’s recommended to fill your lashes every 2-3 weeks and infills are charged between £45-60 depending on the amount of lashes you have left. Any longer than that the lashes have either come out or grown out and waiting more than 4 weeks between appointments will require a new full set.

*Please note you will need to attend your appointment with no lash extensions on or any mascara. The appointment time allocated does not include lash removal time,  so if you attend the spa with lashes on this will mean our lash technician will not have the correct time to apply a FULL SET of lashes for you.   We also do not infill other lash technicians work.  If you already have lash extensions on you will need to call the spa to arrange a lash removal appointment.

Hybrid Lash application, please allow up to 2 hours – £85.00

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