Eastern Detox & Refine Ritual

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It’s back for the 4th year running due to demand!

Enjoy our Limited Edition Eastern Inspired Detox & Refine Ritual, devised specifically to encourage the body to relax, detoxify and renew following the busy Christmas Period. The ritual commences with a dual Thai Infusion Exfoliation and Detoxifying Wrap Ritual, buffing away dead skin cells, supporting the lymphatic system to remove toxins from the body and combatting cellulite. Whislt the organic ingredients work their magic, every ounce of tension will be expertly massaged away from the head and face with our Eastern Head and Facial Massage. This is then followed by a warm Lemongrass and Bergamot shower, leaving skin hydrated, soft and smooth.  After which we will invite you to lay back on our heated massage couch and enjoy a 45 minute aromatic Kokolakahi shoulder, leg and back massage.  Revining, soothing and detoxifying oils are rythmically massaged into areas of constriction and tension, easing you into the New Year on the right note.   The ritual then ends with a detoxifyng and muscle soothing infared sauna session.

OFFER VALID UNTIL 31st January 2019.



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