CBD Oil Spa Treatments


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December 2019 see’s the launch of our exclusive CBD oil Spa Treatments.

Leading cosmecuetical brand Dermaquest have encapsulated the healing and mood enhancing benefits of 99% pure Hemp-Derived THC Free CBD isolate in a collection of youth boosting and pain management facial and body products. Combining a holistic twist on their world renowned science based skincare collections.

Our CBD Oil Facials and Massages are suitable for all skin types and can be beneficial for those looking for a holistic approach to  treating anxiety, depression, low mood and muscular aches and pains.

CBD Benefits

*Mood enhancing

*Packed full of age busting anti-oxidants

*Protects the skin barrier

*Pain relief benefits

*Hydrates and restores

*Dermaquest CBD Mositurisers protect against blue light damage (caused by handheld electrical devices).


CBD Treatment prices start from £48.00. When booking online select ‘Signature Spa Facials’ or ‘Massage’



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