Akemi Brightening Facial


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Akemi translates to bright and beautiful and that’s exactly how our Akemi Spa Facial will leave your skin. Incorporating our natural, handmade Aquavie Organics Skincare line, this facial targets dull skin and areas of pigmentation. Active ingredients of rice bran, camellia, frankincense and geranium actively illuminate, restore and renew skin. A bespoke crystal roller infused facial massage will also lift, tone and rejuvenate. ¬†Our Aquavie organics range is free from harsh preservatives, SLS and parabens.

  • Aid lymph flow and can reduce puffiness
  • Target areas of pigmentation
  • Increase blood circulation to muscle tissue and cells
  • Hydrates and Illuminates Skin
  • Induces relaxation and release muscle tension in the face


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