A-Lift Advanced Facials


The Natural Face Lift
Our own spa director Elizabeth is the UK brand ambassador and leading skin expert for Nouveau Skin Therapy, a leading authority on their anti-ageing A-Lift and Dermatude Facial Machines. Elizabeth’s A-Lift Facials were voted in the top 5 facials to enjoy in the UK by Sadie Frost in her Harpers Bazaar blog.
Aquavie was one of the first spas nationally to introduce the A-Lift Machine and it’s superior facials to the UK. This revolutionary facial machine uses ground breaking nano current technology to lift, tone, renew and boost cell function deep within the dermis of the skin. Clinically proven to increase adenosine triphosphate by up to 500%, this enables skin cells to act renew and regenerate more effectively. The machines current and it’s unique pattern of wave forms is working in perfect unison with the body’s own electrical system, working together to achieve natural and visible regeneration. Enjoy a A-Lift Facial with one of our experienced therapists or with Elizabeth herself. Elizabeth has treated the likes of Ellie Goulding, Lisa Snowdon, Nicola Roberts and Sadie Frost with her trusted and much loved A-Lift machine!

Express A-Lift – £45.00

Standard A-Lift – £70.00

Luxury A-Lift – £78.00

A-Lift LED Infusion – £89.00

A-Lift extravaganza – £88.00

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