Skin Samurai’s Rose Quartz Reviver Facial


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As we age the energy frequencies from our cells diminish, including our skin cells. Rose Quartz Crystal massage has amazing effects on the skin when it comes to boosting energy frequencies at a cellular level, increasing blood flow and aiding lymph drainage.  It is also a powerful emotional healer, vibrating at a soft comforting frequency, which can bring emotional balance and calm.  Elizabeth has been using crystals in her facials for almost two decades now, but the crystal trend hit the mainstream beauty industry in late 2016.  This facial has been devised to renew and revive skincells prior to the hot summer months, helping your skin skip into spring.  It incorporates deeply healing and rejuvenating rose elixirs, oils and a specialist Rose & Collagen Peptide Mask, as well as a deeply healing and reviving facial, neck and shoulder massage using specialist rose quartz crystal massage tools.

*Please note this facial is only available during April & May to Elizabeth’s Skin Samuarai VIP’s.


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